In the heart of the Basque country…


Biarritz is located in the South West of France near the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and Spain. This world-famous seaside resort is located on the Basque coast and welcomes business guests (conference centres), cultural visitors (festivals, museums, exhibitions) and sports lovers (international surf competition, the City of the Ocean, Basque pelota and golf).




Access to school :

Our school is located a stone’s throw from the railway station and less than one mile from the national and international Parme airport. 



Courses and facilities :

Our school is attended by 715 students and staffed by 100 teachers.

English, Spanish, German and Russian language courses are available.

Courses : EQF 3 (Culinary arts, Restaurant, Pastry, light-dining cuisine, bartending), EQF 4 (Catering, Bakery-Pastry, Hotelkeeping-Catering) EQF 5 (Hotelkeeping-Catering, Hotel management, Tourism) EQF 6 (“Health, wellness and pleasure through nutrition and cuisine”)

Technical facilities : fine-dining restaurant-school hotel-school bar-3 kitchens and beginners’ restaurants-wine-tasting lab-conference room (and visio-conference)-boarding school (112 rooms)


Partners from the area and all countries :

Local and national commercial partners : Palace Hôtel du Palais, thalassotherapy centres (Helianthal, Serge Blanco), local independent restaurant owners, Louvre Hôtels (Campanile), Accor (Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Ibis), Members of the Basque country’s cluster, Uztartu (food industry) and Goazen (tourism)

International parnerships with : European countries, the US, Latin America and more.